From Holiday Travel To Holiday Party

Are you one of the many that travel during the holidays? It's an exciting time of the year but also exhausting - especially when it comes to packing. Which accessories to bring and which to leave behind? Decisions, decisions!

Check out our Tips For Chic One Bag Travel In Style for some really helpful info. As for the accessories, our Nexus Handbag is the cure for all. You may find yourself rushing to the airport with your luggage in one hand and your toddler in the other. Your handsfree Nexus bag packs all essentials you'll need for your flight while looking effortlessly chic at 30,000 feet.

Nexus Nomad Travel

Switch out the passport and phone charger for your powder and lipstick and you're ready for date night. A much deserved glass of wine in one hand and your man in the other, lets you transition to the holiday party where everyone will compliment your style. 

Nexus Nomad - Travel Tips

We wish you a festive and safe holiday travel season. May your holidays be bright and your suitcase be light.


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