Meet Mary Smallwood

Meet Mary Smallwood

Creativity follows me in every aspect of my life, it’s the language I best communicate in. Whether it manifests through painting, jewelry, or observations made while traveling – creativity is the driving force behind all of my actions. I create, because I simply cannot imagine not creating.

Elizabeth Gilbert says, “A creative life is an amplified life”, this quote speaks to me on many levels.  I strive to live an amplified life.  My most authentic self-shines through everything that I make with my hands. I connect with life around me and express myself with creativity.

One day, my innate desires to connect and create intersected. From this evolved the concept for my patented, simple yet functional bag, the Nexus bag.

The Nexus bag combines the functionality that I need as a busy mom and business woman with a sophisticated aesthetic that is both minimal and tactile. It’s a design that will help you focus on the driving force in your life and liberate you to live your version of an amplified life.


Mary Smallwood with Royal Poinciana Nexus



“Girls night, cocktail party or date night…it’s my favorite go to bag! In a closet of designer bags, I choose this one. Lipstick, cash, credit card, and phone, all fit. Love the interior zipper so no chance of losing anything. Love how it fits on my wrist, no chance of leaving it in a restaurant or cab. Hip and chic! Wore it in NYC while visiting friends and received tons of compliments about the look and practicality of the bag! They’re addictive! I own two and want more!!”
– Robin S.

“Mary’s bag is perfect. I used it for a concert. It is now my go to bag. You can just have fun and not worry about keeping track of your things. Slips securely and comfortably around your wrist. Light and packs flat making it the perfect bag for travel. Elegant and interesting you can use it for day or as a cocktail bag.”

– Lisa L.

"I love this purse! Its the prefect go to accessory for all occasions and I love the logo!" 
– Cyndi.