Meet Mary Smallwood

Meet Mary Smallwood

Creative Director and CEO, Mary Smallwood's eponymous collection draws inspiration from her connections to the interior design world creating a nexus of well-designed sophisticated accessories for the modern woman on the go.

Thoughtful solutions come easily to me as a builder. Our new brand of carefree cool began with our patented Nexus Bag. I needed the right bag for all the hats I wear in life. For me, that meant lightweight, handsfree, and minimal.

In our family business of building custom homes, the use of innovative materials and techniques is a constant. We believe these same principles should apply to fashion and lifestyle. After all, they are an extension of the home. Lightweight, sustainable, and Peta Approved materials designed with both an eye for luxury and practicality are a few features of this collection.

Much of our handwork is applied through fair trade partnerships in India, providing more jobs for women and education for children. These women and children are part of our brand of family.

Throughout life’s journey, I’ve been lucky to meet brilliant and likeminded women who identify with my experiences - in Naples and in my travels. Wanderlust is a trait I share with most of them. In the expansion of Mary Smallwood, we hope to build on that story.




“Girls night, cocktail party or date night…it’s my favorite go to bag! In a closet of designer bags, I choose this one. Lipstick, cash, credit card, and phone, all fit. Love the interior zipper so no chance of losing anything. Love how it fits on my wrist, no chance of leaving it in a restaurant or cab. Hip and chic! Wore it in NYC while visiting friends and received tons of compliments about the look and practicality of the bag! They’re addictive! I own two and want more!!”
– Robin S.

“Mary’s bag is perfect. I used it for a concert. It is now my go to bag. You can just have fun and not worry about keeping track of your things. Slips securely and comfortably around your wrist. Light and packs flat making it the perfect bag for travel. Elegant and interesting you can use it for day or as a cocktail bag.”

– Lisa L.

"I love this purse! Its the prefect go to accessory for all occasions and I love the logo!" 
– Cyndi.