Pack like a pro tips for chic one bag travel & travel in style like a Nexus Nomad!

One of the most important steps in creating a travel wardrobe is outfit planning. A small bag can hold endless outfit options when packed with a little bit of strategy and well-designed items where fashion meets function.   

Yoga pants that moonlight as pajamas, a scarf that can double as a top or sarong, your signature Nexus bag which is great for touring, secure, and looks chic for an evening out.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much stuff this little marvel can handle and how easy it packs! After all I designed it with travel in mind.

When looking at your clothing pack key interchangeable pieces that can work together and be layered up for different situations and temperatures. Choose non-wrinkle fabrics in complimentary color pallets so you can mix the elements up to suite all situations. A silk slip dresses, cozy sweater, jeans, stylish sneakers, a pair of easy to slip on /off heels or booties and you’re ready to start the adventure.

Still stuck for inspiration check out these fun Travel Girl Packing Lists inspired by exotic destinations… and don’t forget to add your Nexus Bag! 

We can’t wait to see where you next adventure takes you – share your stories with us @smallwood_designs  #NexusNomad #TravelingNexus

Happy Trails Nexus Nomads

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