Spectacular Caribbean Vacations

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting some fabulous locations in the past few months. The adventures started with Bakers Bay in the Bahamas at the most exclusive residences, and exquisite, private golf & beach club. This is where A-Rod proposed to JLo, and many celebrities call the island their 2nd (or 5th) home. We came to celebrate a friend's birthday and enjoy spectacular beaches which didn't disappoint.


Swimming with pigs was another fantastic adventure this summer. It's a fun sight to see in the crystal clear waters, located in Exuma a district of the Bahamas with over 350 islands. Add Pig Island to your next travel destination!



Chub Cay, a small island in the Bahamas about 150 miles from Fort Lauderdale was my favorite destination. I love the serenity of the island. You have everything from untouched beaches to happening restaurants and hotel villas. Tahini beach was incredible. We island-hopped with the kids and had an unforgettable summer. 

As always, the Nexus Nomad bags came with me to all destinations. It truly is the easier handbag to pack and enjoy day to night. 


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