Fade to Black Nexus Handbag

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The brand new Nexus Handbag is designed with ease and practicality in mind; just twist it on your wrist and go!  Our patented design allows you to be hands free for socializing, cocktailing, meetings, shopping or any other activity requiring a bit of multi-tasking!

The convenient inside zip pouch allows you to tuck away your necessities while leaving ample room for the rest of your essentials. Made from sumptuous leathers which soften and mold to your wrist as you wear it, the Nexus Handbag is an instant classic that will withstand the test of time and get better with age and use. 
Length 12" x Width 10...

Length 12" x Width 10"

Inspired by the Fade to Black Cocktail, check out the cocktail page for the recipe specially created by Sea Salt Naples for our debut collection!

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